Circus / Acrobatic

Is one of our very Elegant Show and really carnival that involving really high skill and high risk performances, such as : Acrobalance, Aeriel, and many more. We are professionals and we take SAFETY very seriously.

Fire Show

An essential tool if you want to impress your guests or sponsors. Our fire performances are tightly choreographed to specially designed uplifting music and include beautiful costumes to suit the program. We are professionals and we take FIRE SAFETY very seriously. We will tailor shows specifically for INDOOR or OUTDOOR events depending on the restrictions of the venue.

Modern Dance / Theme Dance

Our modern dance are extravaganza, grand show for any type of events and the dance inspired by original dance from other country all around the world. We can work with thematic dance show or any of your request that suit theme of your event.

Live Art Show

This is the human statue, and we put them on nice customized costume as per your request, beautiful decoration that living and moving. No stage needed! We can put them as part of the decoration, make the guest didn’t realize they are real human.

Bali Traditional Dance / Instrument

We are providing most of the traditional Bali dance as Bali culture have so many variation of culture, from 3 people dance up to 100 person dance, depends how big your event.

Bali Fushion Kontemporer

Our fusion contemporer is collaboration between modern show and a traditional Balinese culture show with a story behind it. Mostly, the story is about Balinese heritage which inspired by Balinese culture

Ushers / Hosting

We have the most confidence host. They are professionals who living up your party. Absolutely no guest will get bored of it.

Band / DJ / MC

We have been work with several DJs and MCs, the best you could find around the island. The band also become a crucial part of the event that you need to consider a match with your theme style. We are here to provide you the band for any type of event.

Sexy Type Dance

Our sexy dancer are powerful, sexy, cute, fun and also classy. Good for your after party event and night club event.


Our procession will always make unforgettable moment since the grand entrance of the events VIP person such as CEO, weddings couple, guest stars, etc


Stilt-walkers is our number one specialty. We have more than 400 type of costumes. This is great for Wedding Party, Corporate Events, or Birthday Party. This is good for welcoming people, mingle around the guest, and taking picture with the guest.

Aquatic Performance

Our aquatic performance is the best for your event that involving pool party. Mostly involving pool or water in the show. We are creating art and water in to one show, with high skill performances.

Character Walkabout Model

Our character walkabout model are party igniter, They will make your party superb because the great confidence from the dancer to interact with the guest. They will act and play their part as the character based on your request.

Water Drum / LED Drum / Percussion

Our LED Drummers offer a magical live music, movement and lighting spectacular in which several mysterious characters composed of light and sound transform the landscape around them. The LED drumming group take the audience on a colourful dreamlike journey combining high impact drumming, dynamic choreography, beautiful lighting design and fantasy costumes The Water Drums show come with modern musical rhythms and can also be combined with the Fire Show performance that is guaranteed to have all your guests mesmerised.

Futuristic Show

A Futuristic Show that brings a mysterious and mesmerizing style of event entertainment to every celebration. Glow Show features a range of luminous props that make for custom made performances that are perfect for brand launches and corporate events. Range of characters available for a whimsical experience that provides unforgettable event entertainment